organized junkie

Organized Junkie, specializes in the following creative products and services:

Stationery | Business cards, thank you cards, letterhead, notepads etc.

Event Flyers/Invitations

Editorial/Presentation Design


Stationery | $30 & up

Party/Event Flyers | $40 & up

Editorial/Presentation Design | $40 & up

All designs will be finalized with file types specified by the customer (.jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, etc.).

Two sample designs are included with each design.

A non-refundable deposit fee may be asked for in advance. Payment must be paid in full prior to files being sent and/or orders shipped.


Your business is very important to me, and I want to make sure my designs fit you and your needs! To ensure you get the best possible pricing and customization, it is best to contact Organized Junkie for a custom quote.

Please note that services are not limited to those listed above, and the starting prices do not include printing cost.

Prices are subject to change and are not finalized, due to individual specific needs.